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Author Mira Peck parallels her life experiences with a lightly ironic novel about Alina Sherwin’s struggle as a woman in different countries in My Men, a feminist book that is an honest exploration of liberal ideals.

Mira Peck’s nuanced commentary on the three societies she lived in highlights the positive and negative impacts of each on her growth. The Polish, Australian and American societies all display a quirky blend of conservatism and modernity, of naiveté and sophistication – often creating humorously bizarre events.

The author credits the progressive strain of Poland with nurturing Alina’s potential during her formative years, and shows how this early experience of success helps her overcome the biases she encounters in 1960s Australia.

Ultimately, Alina accepts and loves all countries that she has lived in and speaks with compassion and understanding of the different guises and little superstitions humans need to get them through monotony or strife.


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