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Sour Cherry Tree

Sour Cherry Tree

Mira Peck has climbed cherry trees and corporate ladders on three continents. She’s been a dancing seal, contortionist and explorer, a scientist, executive and mother. In this collection, she revels in recollections of music lessons and wild mushroom picking in Poland, year-long trekking across Australia, Asia and Europe, shattering glass ceilings in America, and the joys of motherhood. She grieves for her father, her lost friends, and forebears massacred in the Holocaust. Ultimately, she finds fulfillment and a place in the universe.

Sour Cherry Tree
A collection of poetry and prose
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My Men Too

It is 1973 as a plane soars into the clouds above Amsterdam and heads for New York City. Aboard are Alina Sherwin and her American husband, Wayne. Alina’s aspiration is nothing less than happiness, but her enthusiasm is marred by the fear of another career failure. Her worries are justified. Alina, the first female chemical engineer in Australia, has yet to find employment in her profession.

Thankfully it does not take long before America feels like home to Alina. As she is finally propelled into the executive ranks by supportive colleagues, she uses her influence to elevate skilled workers who do not fit the standard profile. But when her modernization efforts place her in the path of powerful enemies, she must fight to preserve her legacy. Meanwhile, her husband’s insistence on an open marriage compels her to leave him, and they both attempt to build new lives. Their love is still very much alive, but is it powerful enough to bring them back together?

My Men Too continues the international adventures of an intrepid woman in her quest for personal fulfillment and a more just society.